Check out our stable of delicious ciders...



Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossum Hard Cider is a naturally fermented using fresh pressed apples and cherries from the Flathead Valley.  

5.9% ABV



Hard Six

Hard Six Hard Cider is a made from our "sweet 16" apples and other cider varieties. A semi-sweet cider soft on the palate. 

5.9% ABV


SNow Devil Cider

Snow Devil Hard Cider is a sessionable semi-dry crisp cider. with slight apple tones and a refreshing, crisp mouth feel. This seasonal cider is great after a day skiing - or any other time. 

4.9% ABV



Gunsight Hard Cider is a seasonal release named after a rocky pass near our orchard. An English-styled dry cider made for cider affectionados.

6.9% ABV


Moon Glow Pear Cider

Moon Glow Pear Cider is seasonal release named after the "Moonglow" pears grown on our orchard. An elegant cider naturally fermented using 100% pear juice.

6.9% ABV


Golden Apricot

Golden Apricot Hard Cider is seasonal release crafted with spicy notes in a semi-dry cider. Fruit forward, fresh and delicious. 

5.9% ABV